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Yoga ravers party it up early in the morning at Daybreaker event (photo by twi-ny/ees)

Yoga ravers party it up early in the morning at Daybreaker event (photo by twi-ny/ees)

Space Ibiza NY
637 West 50th St. between Eleventh Ave. & the West Side Highway
Wednesday, February 3, $26.75 (dance party only) - $42.20 (yoga and dance), 6:00 - 9:00 am

Getting home at 6am isn’t unusual in New York City. Getting up to go clubbing at that hour certainly is, but thanks to Daybreaker’s 6am to 9am raves, New Yorkers can do just that. Twice a month, a couple hundred to a thousand partygoers show up at a rotating series of clubs around New York for an hour of funky club-style yoga followed by a two-hour psychedelically lit, high-energy, super-positive dance party with DJs such as Claire Salvo, brass bands, drumlines, and changing themes. Then they head off to work. Founders Matthew Brimer and Radha Agrawal wanted an alternative to the often dark, exclusive nightlife vibe and founded Daybreaker in New York a year ago. The wildly popular parties exploded and have spread to Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, DC, and, this year, London and Paris, but at its heart, Daybreaker grew out of the city that never sleeps. The parties are sober, and each has a different suggested theme, but the vibe is pretty accepting of whatever you wear, since most of the twentysomething attendees are powering off to work at 9. The January 13 rave at Irving Plaza was all about wearing grown-up onesies; the next, on February 3 at West Side’s legendary Space Ibiza, calls for bright colors. Tickets come with lots of treats from partners, including Califia Cold Brew Coffee, green juice, coconut water, energy drinks, and more. Stoking the energy at that hour is key, and MC Elliott LaRue will orchestrate the music, with appearances by the Hudson Horns, the Club Casa Chamber Orchestra, and the Brooklyn Express Drumline popping up in the crowd at various intervals to keep the spirit high. Early bird dance tickets are sold out already, but tickets for the 6-7am yoga segment plus the party, as well as 7-9am party-only tickets, are still available. If you want to jump-start your day with possibly the best jolt of energy in the city, rave on with Daybreaker.

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