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Back in the day, we spent our fair share of time at the Blue & Gold dive bar in the East Village, crying in our PBRs as we lamented our loneliness and fading youth. But this Valentine’s Day, you’re more likely to find us at Brooklyn Night Bazaar, checking out an awesome lineup of hard rockin’, soulful, bluesy indie pop bands that includes Brooklyn’s own Blue & Gold. “We definitely have frequented Blue & Gold in the East Village,” B&G told us the other day, “and it may or may not be where our band name came from....” The group’s four-track debut EP is a fiery collection of love songs about romance gone both good and terribly wrong, with each tune highlighted by shrieking guitar solos. “I don’t want to see you leave / But I love watching you go,” Chloe Raynes sings on “Your Love,” while on “It’s Only You” Alex Kapelman opines, “It’s only you could break my heart / Forget the rest, I don’t wanna be apart.” And through it all, GG Gonzalez pounds away frenetically on the drums, taking the beats to new heights. Blue & Gold is part of a too-cool bill Friday night at Brooklyn Night Bazaar with Team Spirit, the Liza Colby Sound, Hard Nips, Lowell, and DJ Pegasus Warning.

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