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Brooklyn-based Zerobridge, who hail originally from Potomac, Maryland, and have roots in Kashmir, have spent more than a decade experimenting with different sounds on such releases as the 2001 EP No Epiphany, their 2003 eponymous full-length debut, and 2007’s Havre de Grace, ranging from Stonesy swagger to Replacements abandon to jangling guitar rockers and even a dose of gloompop. Led by singer, songwriter, and guitarist Mubashir Mohi-ud-Din (Din) and featuring Greg Eckelman on bass, Din’s brother Mohsin (Mo) on drums, and producer JP Bowersock on guitar, the band has been working away on their next EP, Big Songs for Small Spaces, including the tantalizing trio of “Waiting in the Sun,” “Dirty Apple,” and “All Places from Here”; that last song can be seen in the above rehearsal video, when it still was untitled. Zerobridge will be playing a free show at Rockwood Music Hall on June 30 at 11:00, preceded by Niall Connolly at 9:00 and followed by the Hipstones at midnight.

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