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Lauderee (Perla Haney-Jardine) and her grandmother (Amy Madigan) look to save their family and the planet in FUTURE WEATHER

FUTURE WEATHER (Jenny Deller, 2012)
reRun Gastropub Theater
147 Front St. between Jay & Pearl Sts., Brooklyn
March 1 - 7

Jenny Deller’s first feature, Future Weather, is an involving, if overly zealous, coming-of-age drama about a thirteen-year-old loner obsessed with saving the environment. Perla Haney-Jardine (Kill Bill Vol. 2, Dark Water) stars as Lauduree, a smart, independent girl whose flighty single mother, Tanya (Marin Ireland), suddenly bolts from their trailer on the outskirts of Philadelphia and takes off for the West Coast in hopes of becoming a Hollywood makeup artist. At first Lauderee tries to go it alone but eventually starts living with her grandmother, Greta (Amy Madigan), a tough woman who is considering moving to Florida with her longtime boyfriend, the well-meaning Ed (William Sadler). Jenny’s only solace comes in science club, where she and new kid Neel (Anubhav Jain) work on special nature projects with their understanding teacher, Mrs. Markovi (Lili Taylor). While Jenny grows more and more concerned with the disastrous changes that are threatening the planet, she has difficulty dealing with the many changes that are going on in her own ever-more-complicated life. Deller makes an impressive debut with Future Weather, serving as writer, director, and editor, and she produced the film with another first-timer, Kristin Fairweather. The narrative works best when it focuses on Lauderee’s relationship with her mother and grandmother and the teen’s unique individuality, but it tends to get overbearing when making its very serious points about the Earth’s impending man-made doom. However, Deller practiced what she preached, using special environmentally friendly cameras, props, and sets, natural light, and green offices and shot at such locations as the Schuykill Center for Environmental Education and the Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust. The film will be playing the reRun Gastropub Theater from March 1 to 7, with several special events scheduled. On March 2 at 2:00, Deller, production designer Gino Fortebuono, and cinematographer Zac Mulligan will participate in the panel discussion “Collaborating on the Vision for Future Weather,” and on March 3 at 2:00, Deller, composer Erik Friedlander, and music supervisor Jackie Mulhearn will be on hand for the panel “Creating a Soundtrack.”

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