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one cat mewing (photo by twi-ny/mdr)

Cats seek forever homes in Chelsea pop-up exhibit (photo by twi-ny/mdr)

524 West 26th St. at Tenth Ave.
February 15-19, free with advance RSVP, 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
cats on glass slideshow

Fresh Step’s Cats on Glass pop-up show, continuing in Robert Miller Gallery’s Chelsea space through Presidents Day, is a sweet-natured celebration of all things feline, a tribute to our whiskered friends who essentially rule the world, all in the name of a new kitty litter. Not only are you encouraged to take lots of pictures, but if you post a photo or story on Instagram, you will receive a pair of cat sunglasses.

A giant cat surveys his territory (photo by twi-ny/mdr)

A giant cat surveys his territory (photo by twi-ny/mdr)

The “Larger than Life” room honors the historical power of cats in “Larger than Life,” consisting of several large-scale pussies standing on small podiums so you may “Treasure the Monumental” and bow at their majesty.

meditating (photo by twi-ny/mdr)

Meditating to purrs is good for the soul (photo by twi-ny/mdr)

Feline fanciers can take a break by sitting on a furry seat, putting on cat-ear headphones, and finding “purr-vana” in the Me-owm Meditation Room, which welcomes visitors with a neon “Meowmaste” sign and offers everyone a chance to meditate alongside an imaginary cat in their mind.

playroom (photo by twi-ny/mdr)

Pom Pom Room is a colorful display of cat toys (photo by twi-ny/mdr)

Everyone is invited to get on all fours and “Revel in a Cat Daydream” in the Pom Pom Room, an area filled with colorful pom pom garlands and balls hanging from above and reaching toward the comfy floor carpet, where there are objects to bat at like playful kitties.

(photo by twi-ny/mdr)

You can get a cat’s-eye view at interactive show (photo by twi-ny/mdr)

In the lobby are small cat paintings and mirrors that lead to the mane event, the Live Cats on Glass Playhouse, where you are given the opportunity to “Admire Cats from a Totally New Purr-spective.” On the walls are large-scale photographs of cats that are available for adoption. In one corner, you can put giant kitty heads on and see the world through a cat’s eyes.

cat in box (photo by twi-ny/mdr)

Cuteness abounds at unique cat exhibition (photo by twi-ny/mdr)

But the centerpiece is the deluxe Live Cats on Glass Playhouse, a series of rooms, encased in Plexiglass, about six to seven feet off the ground, where cats can run around, play with other cats, hide in corners, and mew away. Visitors are able to walk under the structure and watch the cats from beneath, looking up at their toe beans pushed against the glass, see them being taken out of and put back into their carriers, or slightly pet them through small holes and slits.

two cats together (photo by twi-ny/mdr)

Craig and Roberto are happy to be back together in playhouse (photo by twi-ny/mdr)

Roberto was not happy until he was joined by his brother, Craig. Geisha ruled from a spot that was clearly just for him. And Twinkle wasn’t sure what to do and where to go.

(photo by twi-ny/mdr)

Meet-and-greets with potential adoptees are available (photo by twi-ny/mdr)

And finally, people can interact with some of the animals in a separate room, with the possibility of giving one of them a forever home. Once the Chelsea exhibit ends, it is likely that Fresh Step will take the show on the road, sharing feline joy around the country.

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