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The Intimacy Effect

Things get intimate in Jeff Tabnick’s The Intimacy Effect at Vital Joint

Vital Joint
109 Meserole St.
October 12-14, $20 (RSVP to, 8:00

Playwright Jeff Tabnick tells an intimate story in an intimate venue with The Intimacy Effect, continuing at the basement theater at Vital Joint in Brooklyn October 12-14. The play, which explores such issues as parenting, sexual scandals, and fidelity while blurring the lines between the personal and the political, is set in the Appel family apartment, where Matt, a stay-at-home dad, and his wife, Amy, have invited his brother, Doug, and sister-in-law, Merrily, over for a small party. Against Amy’s better judgment, Matt gets quite involved telling a story about a pregnant woman who had suddenly shown up at the apartment the day before, a tale that impacts everyone there in unique ways. The cast, who all get their moment in the spotlight, features James Ball, Sarah Doudna, Jennifer O’Donnell, Richard Lovejoy, and Ruth Nightengale; the seventy-five-minute play is directed by Eric Nightengale (Anthropological Theatricals, Concrete Temple Theatre, the Acme Corporation, and Ruth’s husband). Tabnick’s previous works include I Found Her Tied to My Bed, Something Truly Monstrous, and An Idiot.

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