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charles bukowski three rooms press

Who: Three Rooms Press Presents the Monthly @ Cornelia Street Cafe
What: Ninth Annual Charles Bukowski Memorial Reading
Where: Cornelia Street Cafe, 29 Cornelia St., 212-989-9319
When: Friday, January 8, $15 (includes one drink), 6:00 pm
Why: “What sort of cultural hangover keeps Charles Bukowski in print and popular more than twenty years after his death?” S. A. Griffin asks in the new Three Rooms Press essay “Charles Bukowski: Dean of Another Academy.” “In light of the fact that a good portion of what has been published since his passing in 1994 may not be the man’s best work, along with some heavy editing at times, why does Charles Bukowski remain relevant well into the 21st century?” The ninth annual Charles Bukowski Memorial Reading at Cornelia Street Cafe will explore what Bukowski would think about today’s society, with tribute readings by Kim Addonizio, Mike Daisey, Richard Vetere, Puma Perl, Michael Puzzo, George Wallace, and anyone else who signs up before 6:00, hosted by Kat Georges and Peter Carlaftes and featuring rare photos and videos, oral history, prizes, and more.

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