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Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2
196 Allen St. between Houston & Stanton Sts.
Saturday, March 31, free, 7:00

“Please inhale these minutes / And hold it in, swish it around / To savor the love / That we found,” Debbie Miller sings on the touching “Inch by Inch,” the single from her brand-new EP, Measures + Waits. “Once upon a time I / Breathed warm rivulets down your spine / All I have left are / Patterns on cheekbones once buried in your chest,” she continues. The utterly delightful singer-songwriter, a native New Yorker who now lives in Seattle, mixes elements of classical, folk, jazz, Tin Pan Alley, and pop with an endearing honesty and a delightful sense of humor into her personal, intimate songs. The follow-up to her 2010 debut album, Fake Love, the EP contains five studio tracks and a live version of “Snippets from a Bathroom Stall,” which is composed of actual graffiti taken from bathroom stalls: “Love one another / Drink lots of holy water / Isaac Newton practiced alchemy . . . on your mother,” Miller sings. On the playful “What She’s Got,” Miller compares herself to a romantic rival, asking, “What’s she got that I don’t got / Except bigger boobs / A few inches to my height / And nothing to lose lose lose loo-loo-lose.” Miller, who plays piano and guitar and recently charmed audiences with the new song “Queen of Hearts” written for a Bushwick Book Club event in Seattle dedicated to Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, will be at Rockwood Music Hall on March 31 celebrating the release of Measures + Waits.

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