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Lisa Parra and Daniel Pinheiro’s LAND Project kicks off Performance Mix Festival

122 Community Center courtyard and Movement Research
150 First Ave. at Ninth St.
June 10-13, suggested donation $15 per event

The thirty-fifth annual Performance Mix Festival, hosted by New Dance Alliance at Movement Research at 122 Community Center and the Courtyard at 122CC, will be a hybrid of live and filmed experimental dances with immersive installations and a ritualistic happening in Prospect Park. Running June 10-13, the festival features such creators as Lisa Parra and Daniel Pinheiro, Dana Michel and Tracy Maurice, Johnnie Cruise Mercer/TheREDprojectNYC, Degenerate Art Ensemble, and Anh Vo; tickets are a suggested donation of $15. Sari Nordman’s Tower will be on view all four days, a multimedia installation that explores climate change and the tower of Babel. All COVID-19 safety protocols will be observed; below is the complete schedule.

Thursday, June 10
Lisa Parra and Daniel Pinheiro, LAND Project, live and virtual, with Parra in New York and Pinheiro in Portugal using video-conferencing, 7:00

Anh Vo, non-binary pussy, live, 8:30

Friday, June 11
Andrew Tay, livestreamed performance of queer moments of reflection, transformation, dream, and perversion, 3:00

Dana Michel and Tracy Maurice, Lay them all down (video installation), 7:00

Shared program: Videos and films by Camilo Godoy (lecture-demonstration from What did they actually see?), Jil Guyon (Widow’s End and Coda), Rosy Simas (yödoishëndahgwa’geh [a place for rest]), and Andrew Tay, 8:00

Saturday, June 12
Johnnie Cruise Mercer/TheREDprojectNYC, Baptism (Part I), part of Process memoir 6: thenowlater (HEART), ritualistic happening, Prospect Park, noon

Looking Back: Highlights from the Performance Mix Festival 1986-2020, 7:00

Shared program: Degenerate Art Ensemble (new work performed by director/dancer Haruko Crow Nishimura, composer/musician Joshua Kohl, and video artist Leo Mayberry, with costumes by Wyly Astley) and Johnnie Cruise Mercer/TheREDprojectNYC, Baptism (Part II), 7:30

Sunday, June 13
Christopher “Unpezverde” Núñez,” A Garden in the Shape of Dreams, noon

Shared program: Co-creation Hadley Smith/Johanna S. Meyer, Rachel Thorne Germond Performance Collage (Enigma of an Afternoon), we are: anna, Kimiko, s., Symara, Tara, Taylor, Ogemdi and marion (to love the rise/pt 2), and Yvonne Meier (Phantasiewelt, with music by Zeena Parkins and Ikue Mori), 2:00

Shared program: Alethea Pace (excerpts from Here goes the neighborhood), Leslie Cuyjet, MOLLY&NOLA, and Nami Yamamoto (powerless creature keeps going . . . [working title]), 4:00

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