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Who: New Dance Alliance
What: Online performance festival
Where: Facebook and Instagram
When: May 4-31, free
Why: New Dance Alliance’s thirty-fourth annual Performance Mix Festival is being called “Remotely Yours,” as the participating artists will be presenting live experimental programs consisting of archival videos, text, photos, and new work from wherever they are sheltering in place. Every day from May 4 to 31, an individual artist or company takes over NDA’s Facebook and Instagram pages at noon (although some will happen at other pre-announced times). The first week features NOT for reTALE | Emily Smith on May 4 at 8:30, Maya Orchin on May 5, Marion Spencer on May 6 at noon, 4:00, and 8:00, Juli Brandano on May 7, Julia Antinozzi on May 8, Nami Yamamoto on May 9, and Karen Bernard on May 10 at 3:00. The lineup for the second week is Birgit Larson, Racoco, Emily LaRochelle & Sarazina Joy Stein, Kameron Chatman, Annie Heath, MOLLY&NOLA, and Remi Harris + Mark Schmidt, the third week roster is Degenerate Art Ensemble, MAYDAY, Diana Crum, Bob Eisen, Cynthia McLaughlin and Company, Hanna Satterlee, and Camilo Godoy, and anchoring the fourth week are Anh Vo, Nate Yaffe, Tanja London alias qualia-c, Liberty Styles, Sarah Toumani Dance Co, Krista DeNio and Debra Disbrow, and Kyla Kegler. NDA describes itself as “an arts service organization whose mission is to actively promote emerging forms of innovative dance, music, video, and interdisciplinary performance. NDA’s initial aims were to support an artistic community which has limited institutional resources, and to provide that community with increased opportunities to share experimental works with the public.” That goal is even more critical during the coronavirus pandemic, so feel free to donate if you can, as the money helps provide artists with studio space, residencies, and workshops.

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