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Edgy Moms

Edgy Moms will gather together on May 12 at the Old Stone House to read their manifesto and other writings about mothers and motherhood (photo courtesy OTBKB)

Who: Julia Fierro, Lisa Gornick, Stephanie Thompson, Sophia Romero, Sean Grover, Jennifer Michael Hecht, Louise Crawford
What: Tenth annual “Edgy Moms” literary gathering, presented by Brooklyn Reading Works
Where: The Old Stone House, 336 Third St. between Fourth & Fifth Aves. in Washington Park, Park Slope, 718-768-3195
When: Tuesday, May 12, $10 suggested donation, 8:00
Why: They’re not just moms — they’re moms on the edge. Well, actually, they’re Edgy Moms, and they’ll be celebrating their tenth anniversary on May 12 at the Old Stone House in Brooklyn, where they will share their writings about mothers and motherhood. As always, the event, curated by Louise Crawford and Sophia Romero, will start off with a reading of the Edgy Moms Manifesto, which was written by founder and OTBKB (Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn) blogger Crawford and which explains what makes someone an Edgy Mom: “She’s feisty and fun and a little bit zany. She whines to her friends and can be a bit of a martyr. She fantasizes about taking long trips without her children, and getting a room of her own on Block Island with a computer and a view of the sea. She lets her kids have dessert before dinner, reheated pizza for breakfast. . . . She’s afraid she’s ruined her kids somehow. That everything is her fault. If only she’d followed those expert books. Or even read them. . . .” Among the patron saintesses of Edgy Moms are Lucille Ball, Melissa Etheridge, the Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe, Lenore Skenazy, Maya Angelou, and Marge Simpson. Happy Mother’s Day to all!

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