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“The sages of antiquity did not treat those who were already sick but those who were not sick,” explains the Huangdi Neijing, an ancient Chinese medical text also known as The Inner Classic of the Yellow Emperor. “When a disease has already broken out and is only then treated, would that not be just as late as to wait for thirst before digging a well, or to wait to go into battle before casting weapons?” With that in mind, even if you’re not sure you’re hungry for Inner Classics (September 2012, Arts & Crafts), Snowblink’s follow-up to 2010’s Long Live, you are sure to benefit from its many healing qualities. The nine songs on the album are highlighted by lead singer Daniela Gesundheit’s extraordinary voice, which ascends into the heavens, floating on clouds and flying through the ether, backed by Dan Goldman’s harmonies, guitars, and keyboards and such special guests as Barbara Gruska, Ryan Driver, Thom Gill, Misha Bower, and Caley Monahon-Ward. (Yes, her name is Gesundheit; insert your own sneeze joke here, because we won’t.) Originally from California and now based in Toronto, Snowblink takes listeners on an otherworldly journey on Inner Classics, which includes such tracks as “Pray for Surf,” “Best Loved Spot,” “Black & White Mountains,” and “Inner Mini-Mississippi.” Snowblink also has a thing for Michael Jackson; you can check out their unusual covers of “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough,” “Human Nature,” “P.Y.T.,” and “Thriller” here. And continuing Gesundheit’s unique unpredictability, on the band’s website she offers anyone the chance to have her call them or a friend and sing a song just for them through her Book a Treatment program, which she calls “a complimentary new-age singing telegram.” But you won’t have to wait for her to call you back on October 4, when you can see her and Goldman in person at the Bell House, where Snowblink plays with Great Lake Swimmers.

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