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Joe’s Pub
425 Lafayette St. by Astor Pl.
Saturday, August 18, $15, 9:30

There’s no reason sexy chanteuse Raquel Cion should be lonely any longer. Her Gilding the Lonely is an intimate portrait of longing that deserves to be seen by many. In June, it was standing-room only for two shows at the Lounge at Dixon Place, where the native New Yorker triumphed with her engaging mix of music and tragicomic tales of looking for love in the big city. On Saturday, August 18, she’s moving slightly uptown to Joe’s Pub, where she’ll be wearing a glittering gown, performing songs by David Bowie, Prince, the Rolling Stones, Dwight Yoakam, Tom Waits, and others, accompanied by Zecca Esquibel (Get Wet) on piano and Bill Gerstel (3 Teens Kill 4) on drums. “Being lonely in NYC is different,” Cion (Cou-Cou Bijoux: Pour Vous) told us in a June twi-ny talk. “Though loneliness is universal, no one is immune. But there is something about feeling lonely in New York that has its own particular flavor. Sometimes it feels like an everlasting gobstopper in how it can change flavor and how you gotta just suck it (up).”

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