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Caveh Zahedi shares his deep-seated desire for prostitutes in the semiautobiographical I AM A SEX ADDICT

I AM A SEX ADDICT (Caveh Zahedi, 2005)

rerRun Gastropub Theater
147 Front St. between Jay and Pearl Sts.
Tuesday, February 8, and Wednesday, February 9, $5, 7:00
Series continues through February 10

Indie writer, actor, and director Caveh Zahedi chronicles his sexual addiction in this oddball low-budget docudrama that is as fun as it is embarrassing. Zahedi plays himself as he re-creates pivotal scenes from his life, focusing on his relationships with Caroline (Rebecca Lord), Christa (Emily Morse), and Devin (Amanda Henderson) — each of which was troubled in different ways by his compulsion to visit street prostitutes. Zahedi regularly turns to the camera and addresses the audience (breaking time and space), shows actual footage of the real women, and gets way too personal by reenacting sex scenes that are humorous at first but eventually get to be too much information. Silly animation by Bob Sabiston and songs by Jonathan Richman keep things playful, there’s plenty of female nudity, and the acting is so convincing you’ll wonder at times which parts are the real thing. I AM A SEX ADDICT is being screened Tuesday and Wednesday nights as part of the reRun Gastropub Theater’s weeklong tribute to the Brooklyn-based Zahedi; the retrospective has already included “Six Short Films by and About Caveh Zahedi” and I DON’T HATE LAS VEGAS ANYMORE (1994) and continues Monday night at 7:00 with A LITTLE STIFF (1991) and concludes Thursday night with IN THE BATHTUB OF THE WORLD (2001).

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