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Who: Bruce Springsteen
What: Livestreamed address to incoming Boston College class of 2024
Where: Boston College YouTube
When: Thursday, September 10, free, 7:00
Why: Bruce Springsteen has been affiliated with Boston College ever since his son Evan went to school there, graduating in 2012, including playing benefit concerts. The Boss is now scheduled to deliver an address to the incoming class of 2024 on September 10 at 7:00, following the traditional torch-lit First Flight Procession, in which first-year students march down Linden Lane, descend the Higgins Stairs, then enter Conte Forum. Each member of the class has received a digital copy of Springsteen’s 2016 memoir, Born to Run, along with a reading guide. “Through his songs, Bruce Springsteen has long been such a conversation partner to his audience, masterfully portraying the American experience through lyrics that inspire reflection about our world, our families, our jobs, our struggles, and our relationships,” Student Formation executive director Michael Sacco said in a statement. “But in his memoir, Bruce reveals the conversation he had with himself as he approached many of his life’s crossroads. In doing so, Bruce shares how attentiveness, contemplation, and authenticity played a key role in his personal growth and honing his immense talents. Each BC student brings a unique set of talents, and reading Bruce’s story will give them an invaluable perspective as they begin their formation at Boston College.” You can watch the livestream of the First Year Academic Convocation on YouTube here.

In explaining why the book was chosen to be distributed to the students at the Jesuit school, the reading guide offers, “In this book, Bruce Springsteen shares his story — the meaningful events and the transformation he has experienced on his journey — and how his reflection on these experiences has impacted his engagement with the world around him. As you read Born to Run it is the hope of the university that it inspires you to reflect on your own story — the meaningful events and the transformation you have experienced and will continue to experience during your time at Boston College — and understand how your own personal narrative enables you to encounter God’s presence in the world. In reading Springsteen’s reflections on truth, identity, and love, you will be invited to consider your own values and encouraged to think about how you respond to life’s questions.” Another of life’s important questions is, Are the rumors of a new E Street Band album releasing October 23, preceded by a single on September 10, real? The truth will be revealed shortly.

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