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Jack Ferver

Jack Ferver presents the world premiere of Everything Is Imaginable this week at New York Live Arts (photo by Jason Akira Somma)

New York Live Arts
219 West 19th St. between Seventh & Eighth Aves.
April 4-7, $15-$35, 8:00 (bonus 10:00 show on April 6)

Nothing is unimaginable in the fabulous world of Jack Ferver, the creator of such unique and unpredictable multidisciplinary works as Rumble Ghost, Two Alike, Chambre, Night Light Bright Light, and I Want You to Want Me. So the name of his latest piece, Everything Is Imaginable, debuting April 4-7 at New York Live Arts, makes perfect sense in his oeuvre. The Wisconsin-born actor, writer, dancer, choreographer, teacher, and director delves deep into his psyche and love of pop culture to tell compelling, tragicomic stories, teaming up with talented collaborators. In Everything Is Imaginable, Ferver has brought together five queer performers to explore gender, sexuality, love, and loss through personal tales as well as those of five other public figures while paying homage to Martha Graham.

Ferver will be joined by Graham principal dancer Lloyd Knight, American Ballet Theater principal James Whiteside, dancer and actor Garen Scribner (An American in Paris, Nederlands Dans Theater), and dancer and costume designer and Ferver regular Reid Bartelme (of Reid and Harriet Design), each of whom will get a solo that relates to their childhood as well as their role models. The scenic and sound design is by visual artist Jeremy Jacob. “The queer ‘I’ is a shattered ‘I,’” Ferver said in a statement. “The queer is not only told they are unnatural but that they have chosen to be so. The result of this shattering creates a slipperiness of self, an ability to coalesce into a performance without a center. This fragmentation, this relentless brokenness that continuously seeks stability and fails, is very much inside my work.” Ferver has a rabid fan base, so get your tickets now. And for a peek at what else he is been up to of late, check out JbDubs’ very NSFW “Duck Hunt” video, which was choreographed by Ferver and Whiteside and stars Ferver. (The April 5 performance of Everything Is Imaginable will be followed by a Stay Late Conversation with the performers.)

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