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Many curiosities are in store fro new immersive theater production in Brooklyn

Many curiosities are in store for new immersive theater production in Brooklyn

The Menagerie
627 Fifth Ave. at Seventeenth St., Brooklyn
Wednesday - Sunday, October 4 - November 26, $100

The parade of immersive theatrical productions continues in October and November with Curiosities, in which the audience in invited so see a performance of Professor Mysterium’s Menagerie of Wonder, an illegal sideshow with misfits and deviants taking place in the subterranean jazz club known as the Menagerie, which is surrounded by secret passages demanding investigation. Fifty visitors, encouraged do dress in 1930s duds, each night get to create their own adventure by following whatever path they choose. Along the journey, they will encounter movement, music, and whispered dialogue and will be touched. The show was created by actor, designer, and director Anthony Logan Cole; Bryan Knowlton is codirector and choreographer, with lighting and sound by Christina Verde, costumes by TJ Burleson, and sets by Roberto Garcia. Tickets for the multisensory show, which runs Wednesdays to Sundays from October 4 to November 26 with an official opening of Friday, October 13, are available now and are expected to go fast, especially to fans of Sleep No More, Queen of the Night, The Grand Paradise, Then She Fell, Speakeasy Dollhouse, Empire Travel Agency, and the like. In addition, the Menagerie will be open as a club on Monday and Tuesday nights, with guest performers.

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