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Roarke Menzies

Roarke Menzies will celebrate the release of his sophomore album, CORPOREAL, at Sunnyvale on April 7 (photo by Josh Simpson)

Who: Roarke Menzies, Imaginary Tricks, the Despot, Breanna Barbara, O Paradiso
What: Album release party for Corporeal
Where: Sunnyvale Brooklyn, 1031 Grand St. at Morgan Ave., 347-987-3971
When: Thursday, April 7, $7, 9:00
Why: This past October, we talked to New York City-based artist and composer Roarke Menzies about his debut solo album, Shapes. The Vancouver-born, Brooklyn-based Menzies, who also composes electronic scores for film, dance, and spoken-word theater (with Paul Rome), hasn’t wasted much time, already preparing to release his sophomore album, Corporeal. “A blank hard drive — no memories, just structure, architecture, an empty page — is marked with human data: mouth sounds, sung melodies, lips, teeth, breath, traces of bodily presence,” he states about the project. “Corporeal is a series of musical collages that consider the repetitive, hypnotic acts of the body in performance, as well as the storied, figurative romance — utopian and fatal — between human and machine.” The seven songs, which feature such titles as “For Vinyl-Covered Stages,” “Flicker Film,” “Apparatus or Caress,” and “The Wake,” combine found and created sounds with mysterious vocals to create atmospheric aural adventures that come alive with the rattle and hum of real life. As Menzies describes, “A voice echoes down an audio cable. A sewing machine is cranked by human hands. Fists pound and beat on a sheet of steel.” Menzies will be the release of Corporeal on April 7 at Sunnyvale in Brooklyn; also on the bill are Imaginary Tricks, the Despot, and Breanna Barbara, with DJ sets by O Paradiso. You can find out more about the event here and check out a sample song and pick up the album here.

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