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(photo by Harry Schnitzler)

The striking FACETS OF TIME takes place in the Urban Garden Room near Bryant Park (photo by Harry Schnitzler)

Who: human kinetics movement arts
What: Facets of Time
Where: Urban Garden Room, 1095 Sixth Ave. at 43rd St.
When: Wednesday, April 22 & 24, and Friday, April 29, free, 9:00
Why: Yana Schnitzler’s human kinetics movement arts specializes in site-specific dance installations in public places. In the past, they have performed at the Hudson River, on Wrightsville Beach, in a storefront on Maiden Lane, at Ground Zero, in the windows of a bank, and outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Their latest work, Facets of Time, finds them in the lovely Urban Garden Room in Midtown, a glassed-in public plaza with a quartet of living green sculptures. The trilogy of slow-moving pieces, which explores the nature of perception, features a seemingly endless sheet of colorful fabric that daringly connects with the area; the audience watches from outside on the street, looking in. “Each movement installation is inspired by and created for a specific environment,” Schnitzler has written. “By utilizing elements of surprise and (dis)integration, the installations become an integral part of that environment, and at the same times give it new meaning. In their often sculpturesque character, the installations expose the hidden poetry of public spaces.”

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