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While readying their full-length follow-up to 2011’s Faceless Angels, due early next year, Brooklyn’s the Living Kills have tided us over with Odd Fellows Hall, a five-track treat that furthers the psychedelic garage rockers’ mission to scare the bejesus out of all of us. “Anywhere,” “And You Scream,” “Don’t Wait for Me,” “It Ain’t Easy,” and “The Tragic World of the Living Kills” contain plenty of screams and shouts, creepy organ riffs and thrashing drums, frightening guitars and eerie background noises. But, as the self-described “psychotronic” band sings on “Don’t Wait for Me”: “Don’t look for any meaning / There never was any meaning.” Lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter Merrill Sherman, organist Jennifer Bassett — who also plays the moog! — guitarist Heron Furtwangler, bassist Erica Keller, and drummer Brian Del Guercio will be celebrating the November 14 release of the Odd Fellows Hall that night at the Knitting Factory with Bradley Dean & the Terminals. As with the best scary movies, we keep coming back to Odd Fellows Hall again and again and again. Be afraid; be very afraid.

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