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Julia Stiles and James Wirt deal with the aftereffects of a one-night stand in PHOENIX

Cherry Lane Mainstage Theatre
38 Commerce St.
Monday - Saturday through August 23, $56-$66

At the beginning of Phoenix, Scott Organ’s two-character, one-act play, Sue (Julia Stiles) and James (James Wirt) meet up for the first time after what both agree was a fun one-night stand a month earlier. But Sue has some surprising news for James, something that shocks, confuses, and delights him. For ninety minutes, the two very attractive people examine the central issue from all angles as they contemplate whether they have any kind of a future together. Clearly, there appears to be a future for the play itself. There was major buzz in the air at one of the early previews as Al Pacino took an aisle seat in the intimate Cherry Lane Mainstage to check it out. (One of the producers, Poverty Row Entertainment, is run by filmmakers Julie Pacino, Al’s daughter, and Jennifer DeLia, the director of Phoenix ; the other producers are Rian Patrick Durham and Rattlestick Playwrights Theater.) The show officially opens on August 7 for a limited run through August 23, and it is being turned into a film as well, directed by Amy Redford, daughter of Robert. Stiles and Wirt are also set to appear in Poverty Row’s The First, a biopic about Mary Pickford in which Stiles plays Frances Marion and Wirt is Charlie Chaplin; Lily Rabe stars as Pickford.

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