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Inner Course helps you look deep inside yourself at Honey Space

Open Casting at Honey Space
148 11th Ave. between 21st & 22nd Sts.
Tuesday – Saturday through July 28, free with advance RSVP, 1:00 – 6:00

Inner Course, the performance duo of Tora Lopez and Rya Kleinpeter, has staged projects in Tasmania, New Orleans, and Sonoma and is currently presenting “Panties for Diamonds — A Psychodramatic Audition for Love in the Age of Abandonment” at Thomas Beale’s nonprofit Honey Space gallery in Chelsea. Funded with donations over Kickstarter, the three-part piece requires visitors to actively participate in a mental and physical examination of the self. The less you know about “Panties for Diamonds” the better, but you need to be prepared to be touched, and the more willing you are to dig into your past and future with complete honesty, the more rewarding an experience it will be. SPOILER ALERT: If you want to be surprised — and boy, will you be surprised — then stop reading here and reserve your time now. But if you want to know just a little more — don’t worry, we’re not about to give the whole thing away — then read on.

The approximately forty-five-minute “Panties for Diamonds” begins with “The Secretary,” in which you fill out a questionnaire that features some rather odd questions. That is followed by “The Softing,” about which we will say nothing more. Those two sections lead to “The Audition,” in which you sit down and discuss various aspects of your life with Rya, an L.A.-born photographer and installation artist, and New Orleans native Tora, a fashion designer and artist who regularly collaborates with Kirsha Kaechele’s KKProjects. Among the other rotating performers are Lisa Lozano, Anne Koch, Daphane Park. Amanda Kanter, Pamala Bishop, Benjamine Heller, Carlton de Woody, John Wells, Fauzeeya Hunter, Hellen Mathers, Matt Savitsky, Tyra Bombetto, and Class Actress. It’s all free, and you are not asked to give such personal information as your age, address, or phone number. Advance reservations are suggested, although walk-ins are welcome, but they might already be booked for that afternoon. We strongly recommend you be adventurous and sign up for this strange but ultimately exhilarating experience; we’re seriously considering going back for a second time.

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