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The Waterfront Museum has teamed up with the Pegasus for a week of special tug and barge programming in Brooklyn Bridge Park (photo by twi-ny/mdr)

Brooklyn Bridge Park, Pier 6
Through July 26, free - $20

Brooklyn Bridge Park’s annual Tug & Barge Week, held in conjunction with the Waterfront Museum and the Tug Pegasus Preservation Project, continues today with free open dockside tours and marine workshops and Jordan Shapiro’s Shanty Shakedown ($10, 7:00), featuring a seven-piece band playing sea chanties and other maritime music. Moored at Pier 6 with the 1907 tugboat Pegasus, David Sharps’s 1914 Lehigh Valley Barge houses the museum and the current art exhibit “Creatures of the Deep.” There will be special events through July 26, including a “Sea Chanty Sing-a-long” on Monday with Alan Friend and his concertina ($20, 7:00); a community fundraiser on Wednesday with Peter Stanford, Tiki Brothers, and Christiana ($50-$100, 6:30); the short film Showboats in New York Harbor on Thursday with appearances by maritime historian Norman Brewer and captain Tom McGuire (free, 7:00); a screening of A View from the Underside with guest driver Lenny (free, 3:00) and an artists’ reception for “Creatures of the Deep” (free 7:00) on Friday; Sharps’s Juggling for Fun workshop on Saturday ($10, 3:00), followed by a Sunset Music Concert with Stephen Oates, Christiana, and Ellsworth & Hicks ($10, 8:00); and the Showboat Shazzam celebration ($10-$15) on Sunday, with circus juggler the Great Adammo, musical clown Josephine, dancer Hilary Sweeney, acrobat Aerial Emery, and Sharps, the “master of Chinese vase manipulation and ceramic urn tossing.”

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