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Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun will go wild at Cameo Gallery on May 24 (photo by twi-ny/mdr)

Cameo Gallery
93 North Sixth St.
Tuesday, May 24, $5, 8:00

Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun’s debut full-length album, Wildfire (Avengeling, May 2011), is one of those records that just explodes out of the speakers and keeps reverberating in your head. After a brief, calm intro, “We Were Wild” blasts off in a blaze of synth and hard-rocking guitar as lead singer Lauren Gibson proclaims, “So if you’re not proud of / the cold that you’ve become / turn up the heat / pick up the pace with your feet.” TTMTTS has a lot to be proud of with Wildfire, a sizzling hot record that should get plenty of people picking up the pace with their feet. Featuring Gibson on guitar and keyboards, Cregg Gibson on guitar, Micah Silverman on bass and keyboards, and Jeremy Cole on drums and electronics, the band has been building a loyal fan base in their hometown of Atlanta and beyond with a series of EPs, including 2008’s striking Lightning, and such kick-ass songs as “Traits of a Traitor (Autonomic),” “Apologia,” “Like It or Not,” and “Never. Always. Good.” But they’ve reached a whole new level with Wildfire, fifty minutes of unrelenting thrills and chills. When Lauren sings, “The beast beats / you hear the sound / take your blood heat / you feel it now,” on “Old Monster,” just try not feeling the beast. TTMTTS will be at Cameo Gallery in Williamsburg on May 24 with She Keeps Bees, Ivana XL, and Little Insects.

twi-ny: Wildfire is a major step forward for you, your first full-length album after several EPs, and it features a much bigger, broader sound. Did you change the way you write and record with the longer LP in mind, or did you follow the same procedures of your earlier recordings?

TTMTTS: We definitely changed our approach this go-around. In the past, as songs were written we would play them live and record them pretty much how we played them live; so basically the newest songs we were playing out would become an EP every nine months or so. With Wildfire, we knew we wanted to write a full-length album. During the heat of the summer of 2010, we decided to take six weeks off the road and lock ourselves in our practice space/studio to write. We also wanted to try creating songs within a studio setting . . . doing as much preproduction work as we could, recording demos and listening back and writing more from there. We wanted to experiment with different sounds and instrumentation and dig a little deeper than we've been able to in the past.

twi-ny: So many great bands have come out of Atlanta in the last few years, including the Black Lips, Deerhunter, and Gringo Star. What’s in the water down there? Who are some of your favorite up-and-coming local groups?

TTMTTS: Pretty sure what's in the water down here is PBR. There are a ton of great bands in the ATL. Since we're on the road so much we unfortunately haven't gotten to see quite a few that we'd like to. We'll be in the studio a little more this summer and are hoping to catch a lot of live music while we're in town. A few bands we have seen that we love (and I'm sure we'll be forgetting some other greats) include: Jungol, Royal Thunder, Baby Baby, This Piano Plays Itself, Sealions, A: The Color, O’Brother, Mighty High Coup, the Booze, and the list goes on and on. . . .

twi-ny: You’re playing May 24 in Williamsburg. What kinds of things are you planning to do while you’re here?

TTMTTS: Finding cool, free things to do. Any suggestions? That, catching up with old friends, and LAUNDRY!

twi-ny: Of course, we suggest you check out This Week in New York for lots of cool, free things to do here in the city. Your name comes from what the Weekly World News claims would have been a Polish astronaut’s first words if Poland were the first country to put a man on the moon. What would come the day after tomorrow?

TTMTTS: Today is actually May 19, so forget the sun and the moon, the day after tomorrow is . . . the Rapture. ; )

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